Answers to Your Questions
About German Translations.

“Advertising and online copy – aren’t they the same?”

No. Online copy follows very different rules from offline advertising copy, focusing on conveying information swiftly and clearly, helping the user to reach their goal rather than building and expressing brand values directly.

“Who reads online copy anyway?”

We all do. The difference lies in how we read. Online, we are usually in a hurry, skipping and skimming through a text within seconds. If we pick up something interesting or matching to our goal, we go for the details. If we don’t, we move on, and that’s a chance gone for your business. Well crafted online copy conveys the most important points within that window of opportunity while being interesting enough to grab the user’s attention for further reading.

“My friend’s cousin speaks German and would translate for free … “

Unless your friend’s cousin is as well a professional copywriter and has spent several years living in a German speaking country, in the interest of the quality of your translation I recommend to consult a native text coach or proof reader to support your project.

“How long does it take to get a professional German translation of my website?”

That depends on the number of pages of your website and my capacity at the time of your enquiry. As a rule of thumb, expect the translation to take a week per 20 translated pages.

“I want to build an AdWords campaign – can dot.comms help?”

I specialise in communications but not pay-per-click advertising. Still, I have a wide network of online professionals which I will gladly recommend to you. And don’t worry. It’s not my friend’s cousin.