About dot.comms:
Word and Play

Writing has been my passion since I was twelve, and my profession since I was nineteen. And there’s no end in sight as my fascination for finding the right words to reach ambitious goals drives me.

What I Have Experienced

dot.comms was established in 2010 – to get an overview of my clients please check out my reference list.

2004 – 2010
Google European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

AdWords Customer Service, Learning & Development and leading AdWords Sales Teams for the Emerging Markets of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Additional skills:

  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Principles of effective online communication and advertising
  • Search engine optimised copy writing
  • Collaborating and managing across cultures

1996 – 2004
Offline and Online Ad Agencies in Austria

Eight intense years in the offline and online advertising business taught me three things above all: to write, and write, and write. Above the line, below the line, direct campaigns, branding, online, as long until our clients reached their communication goal. Among my clients were:

  • Porsche Austria – Sports Cars
  • BMW Austria After Sale Communication
  • VW and Audi Austria – After Sales Service
  • SkiData Access Systems
  • Nuernberger Insurances

From 1999 to 2003 I obtained a Masters Degree in International Management at the Management Center Innsbruck, Austria, while working full-time. Crazy times, but they taught me to effectively prioritize and balance different projects.

How I Work

Questions, questions, questions

about your company, your clients and your business goals, so your communication can be targeted and successful.

Quality first.

German speakers are a quality-driven clientele. Setting up and localising a campaign is a huge investment for you and should result in measureable results. That’s why none of my German localisations are off the shelf but tailored to your message and tone.

Constant communication.

I prefer working closely with my clients throughout the project to make sure we keep landing on the same page.

How I Play

Writing is my life. I mean it. That’s why, next to frantic reading and extreme-petting my cats Lilly and Pixie, I also publish suspense novels in German. Intrigued? Follow me on www.ellen-dunne.com or on facebook.